More Seattle Beauty, 2020

This weekend I continued showing Allyn around the beautiful Seattle area. We had to visit a doctor in Issaquah and it gave us a chance to find yet another great coffee house. I love seeing shops in charming free standing buildings instead of just shopping centers.
It’s fun to pick on Seattle for its lousy weather. Every day has been nice since we arrived two weeks ago and in Las Vegas it has been well over 100 daily.
As long as we were on the east side of Seattle, I took her to the house I used to have way up high in Forest Highlands (South Bellevue) overlooking Mercer Island and Seattle.
Later we visited our friend, Mike Silver, at his home in Three Tree Point, Burien. You absolutely gotta love Mt. Rainier.
We stopped for coffee and ended up with a terrific sandwich at Queen Anne Coffee. They make their own challah pretzel bread.
Then I went up to Magnolia to show her the beautiful Puget Sound view from up high. This is NOT what we got to see today. The mountain was hiding.
Without exaggeration, I have definitely driven through the Washington Park (University of Washington) Arboretum over 1,000 times. Never have I stopped to take in the sights and take a nice hike. Today I did because that is what we have been doing.
While there we also walked to Foster Island (part of the Arboretum). Lots of ducks (geese?) and a good shot off Husky Stadium in the background.

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