Fremont District, Seattle 2020

JetSetWay blogs will be all about the Seattle area for two months as that is where we are and we will be seeing Seattle in a comprehensive manner that, ironically, only tourists seem to do.  We both love living in Las Vegas but miss having funky neoghborhoods.
Allyn is ready to tackle covid with both her mask and even gloves (substitute scrunchie) during this hike.
First we hiked the Aurora Bridge. I certainly never did that when I lived here. They added a second, higher, fence to discourage jumpers. (There have been 230 suicides in its 90 year history.)
After crossing we entered the Freemont neighborhood which has turned in to such an interesting bohemian type area. 
We visited the Fremont Troll who lives under The Aurora Bridge. 
The big old trees in the old neighborhood are still nice to see. 
We stopped for an amazing sandwich at Paseo. Food Network rated them as having the #2 best sandwich in the US and Yelp rated them second best place to eat in the country out of 4875 reviews.
The 16 foot state of Lenin is quite imposing. It is legit, having originally been on display in Czechoslovak Socialist Republic in 1988. It is fitting for this interesting neighborhood.
Coffee was delicious at Fremont Coffee Company which is to be expected here since there were another 100 or so coffee places to choose from.
Then it was on to the famous Center of the Universe Signpost. That was no biggie. At least we were able to cross it off our bucket list (which it did not need to be on in the first place).
Across the street was a much more interesting art piece.
Then we  walked home over The Fremont Bridge to complete our loop. That is the Aurora Bridge in the background. 
Given the Seattle hilliness and the distance covered, it was a good exercise and a fulfilling afternoon. 

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