Olympic Peninsula 2020, Day 3

This is the last day of our road trip. We had such a good time and learned a bunch too.
Today’s first stop was Port Townsend. Just imagine a fresh pour over coffee with a deluxe bagel, lox and cream cheese sitting at a picnic table right on the water.  
What a quaint stop.
But the cutest was the Nifty Fiftys Soda Fountain. Talk about authentic.
Covid ensemble – a sign of the times.
The Hood Canal Bridge is the fourth longest floating bridge (1.25 miles) in the world. It is the only floating bridge over saltwater. It can handle 16.5 foot tides. All of the top four are in the Seattle area. 
By the way it is misnamed. Canals are manmade and Hood Canal is not man made. It is a fjord.
Then we visited Port Gamble (pop. 2,721) which, again, was yet another adorable place to walk around. It is right across the Hood Canal Bridge on the way to the Kingston Ferry.
Washington State Ferries operates the largest ferry system in the United States with 21 ferries carrying over 23 million passengers.
We took the 30 minute ride on The Walla Walla from Kingston to Edmunds. It hold 188 vehicles and 2,000 passengers. It was built 48 years ago, yet was perfect for the job – and immaculate.
We have arrived at our destination in Seattle. In the near future I will comment on the road trip concept, both in general and specific. 

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