Katava, Papau New Guinea




Different days call for different activities such as culture, education, shopping and even eating. Today the beach was calling.




I chartered  ($2) Allyn a yacht to head across to a small island that had great snorkeling.


Many medical researchers consider Katavans as having the healthiest people on the planet. There is practically no acne, diabetes, cardiovascular disease leading to stroke or congestive heart failure, dementia or blood pressure problems among the native Kitavans.

They think it is diet because it is not related to genetics as genetically similar groups who eat an abundance of industrial food appear to be susceptible to the degenerative diseases of the West. Also exercise is not a likely cause of the exceptional health on Kitava as an average Kitavan is only slightly more physically active.

The Kitavan diet comprises an abundance of foods that have a low glycemic index rating and that are rich in soluble fiber, magnesium, potassium, and omega-3 fatty acids.


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