Alotau, Papua New Guinea Part 2 of 2


Papau New Guinea info – It occupies the eastern half of New Guinea which is the second largest island in the world behind Greenland.

Only 18% of the people live in urban areas. That is flip flop of USA for example where over 80% live in urban areas.

They have 852 known languages.

Although they are close to the Equator, they get snow.





We were lucky to spend significant time in Shanniah Loihai’s (our guide) own home to actually see how they live as well as hear about it. Keep in mind that this is an industrious hard-working entrepreneurial family, yet they have no electricity, plumbing, or water. The kitchen is on a dirt floor. The outdoor fire area is where hot cooking is done. 


They just built the bridge across the little river to accommodate tourists like ourselves. They used to just traverse the water which gets many feet hight in the wet season.



They installed a deluxe outhouse for guests that they will be bringing by.


This is the neighbor’s house.


Her brother is doing wall renovation.


The family has a coconut drying facility where they take the coconut, shed the skin, cut it open, dry it, take out the meat and sell it. It takes about 500 of them and a couple weeks of labor to generate a few dollars.


This is a cannibal sphere. They are carved out of palm. The jagged points facing in are to pull the enemy person in by his long hair. The sphere is then plunged into the body. It makes for a nice fresh meal.

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