Gizo, Solomon Islands


East of Papau New Guinea is Solomon Islands (not The Solomon Islands) where we have spent the last two days. 

Yesterday we were rained out of Guadalcanal. There is not much there anyway except for a nice WW II War Memorial.

Today is Gizo, the second largest town in Solomon Islandswith  just over 6,000 inhabitants. It is on Ghizo Island, and yes they are spelled differently.





The people here seem so much happier and in a better place than the Papau New Guinea group. They were smiling, singing, not malnourished and all seem to have some place to go and something to do.



I mean it is not The Ritz, but it was really lovely.

This area of Solomon Islands has had a history of headhunting, so much so that local tribes joined together to obliterate the Gizo tribe. It ceased about 1899.

That event led to Ghizo Island being declared as a property of the state, rather than the usual customary ownership prevalent in much of the rest of the Solomons.

One of the cruisers bought a little trinket, accidentally left her iPad, and boarded the tender (a tender is a cruiseline lifeboat that the ships use to transport people between the ship and shore when anchored) to head back to the ship. Moments later the vendor saw it and ran back to the tender to return it to her. Impressive.



Notice the food in their local market. (See yesterday’s blog).

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