Hunkered Down in Las Vegas

Here is some proof that COVID-19 has turned the world upside down for every one of us. Nobody who knows Allyn Shulman can imagine her ever before allowing a photo of herself without makeup. :)
Wow. It has been 10 weeks since I have blogged. But, it is difficult to write a proper travel blog while staying at home.  
Like most folks, we have been hunkered down at home. We are one of the extremely lucky couples who have been able to treat this as a staycation. Still we miss the in-person interaction with friends and family. 
Normally I am anxiously preparing for the World Series of Poker about now with an eye towards the European beaches afterwards when the weather here in Las Vegas is stifling.  Not this year though. Hopefully next year.
Allyn and I have a fun, safe summer scheduled which will generate lots of stories and photos. We have rented a townhouse in Seattle overlooking Lake Union for July and August. We will be taking road trips to Seattle and back for three weeks total in an RV so that we can have as little interaction with others as is appropriate.
Hopefully Seattle will be safe enough to interact with family and friends even if it is with just two people at a time.
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