Allyn and Barry’s 2020 Summer Travel, our RV, and Zion National Park

Welcome to the Allyn and Barry 2020 Summer Road trip. Since we have been together, we have played The World Series of Poker every summer and then to escape the Las Vegas heat, we have been fortunate to explore Europe by both ship and land.

Choosing to stay relatively close to home, we decided to rent a townhouse in Seattle for July and August in order to visit friends and family. We can and will hunker down as much as is prudent. Not wanting to fly or even drive and then stay in hotels, we decided on an 11 day road trip going north – might as well see some sights. We rented a large RV (45 feet) with a driver so that we have our own safe cocoon heading to Seattle.
If a cruise ship is a floating hotel, this RV is a mobile hotel. Even though it sleeps 5 comfortably, the driver stays in a hotel at night in order to give us total privacy. 
We have a nice living room, and of course there is an area to drive. The king size bed is comfy.The kitchen and dinette area are more than adequate.
Outside sets up both to provide cover and has a one of our 5 TVs. We are looking forward to roughing it for a while. :)
Zion National Park was day 1. Although much is closed, the popular Canyon Overlook Trail is open and spectacular. It is rated easy to moderate. Although not quite a mile it has much uneven terrain and is quite steep in places. Believe me it was plenty of exercise for a rookie hiker like me and a lady with a broken toe like Allyn.
The view is spectacular both along the way up as well as the very top.
While we did a photo stop at Checkerboard Mesa on the way out of the park.
We also stopped when we spotted a heard pf buffalo. Great day.
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