Honolulu 2020

I’ve been to Waikiki over 50 times and never even heard of the Oahu Festival. Yet here it is. One night; tonight. They even close down Kalakaua Avenue for six hours. Nice treat for us. Had we known we would have eaten street food which looks tasty. Speaking of eating. Let me tell you about five dinner experiences here in Waikiki. Four super duper, and one not so much.
Roy’s Waikiki –  Do not confuse Roy’s in Hawaii with the ones on the Mainland. Those have gone so far downhill since they were acquired.
Roy’s Waikiki is known for outstanding Hawaii inspired Euro-Asian Cuisine. We tend to go there for both great raw and cooked fish. We love their rolls and the poke is the best. Even their edamame is better than others. We were too stuffed to even order entrees.
This time they wanted to prove that they cook internationally – with Japanese fusion of course. We had their signature baby back pork ribs, tacos, and escargot pizza. Yummie.
Wolfgang’s Steakhouse – You won’t find a better steakhouse. The service is as good as the food. We asked them to add some avocado and an extra portion their famous bacon to their salad and it was their pleasure.
You can’t go wrong with any of the meat.
You absolutely must include the German potatoes.
It didn’t hurt a bit to be waited on by Skeie. You will not find a better server – anywhere.
Chart House Waikiki – The chart House is always fun and friendly as well as terrific food. If you like sushi you must try the unique Kimmi’s Firecracker Unroll. Imagine a bowl of sushi without the roll.
We like other unique items there also like Joey’s Famous Garlic Steak and the Grass-fed Bison Tenderloin. This is the one restaurant where I order rare seared Ahi as a main course.
Noi Thai Cuisine Honolulu – This is the spot for high end Thai food in Honolulu.  We particularly liked the Spicy Green Beans and the Ginger Garlic Chicken.
Perhaps the most unique item was Allyn’s Diamond Head Mango Drop. We are talking spicy. They keep a Thai Chili pepper in the vodka bottle. Zing plus.
There is no need to review The Cheesecake Factory where often we split nice lunches. Today I caught them cleaning each and every menu. I like that.
Top of Hawaii Revolving Restaurant – Now I remember why I have been coming to Honolulu for 50 years and never ate at the Top of Hawaii Revolving Restaurant. It is not very good. But the view is certainly nice. Sunset is definitely the time to come. 
I hate to waste the space, but this is classic – I ordered a nice bottle of wine and they wouldn’t let me taste it unless I agreed to let them take away my cocktail!? 

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