Hanukkah and the Flood

We had a lovely Hanukkah party last night. See the pretty pictures of our wonderful dinner below.

What you don’t see is that ten minutes into it we had a major water hose burst on our third floor. Two minutes later water was pouring into the dining room, two floors down.

We had stress, but we were able to stop it immediately. We would have had an unbelievable catastrophe had we not been home and in the dining room.

I love living in Las Vegas. The landscapes are great (the photos above is the view from our window), the weather is agreeable, the sky is blue, but work product all over is deplorable.
I have lived in houses all over the country, old and new, expensive and cheap. Never have I heard of this type problem even though I used to develop apartments and condos.

How can a hose burst (inside, no freezing issue) in a relatively new home? Only in Las Vegas.

Happy Hanukkah everyone!

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