St. Regis, Monarch Bay and Stonehill Tavern

St. Regis is one of our favorite hotel brands, and their Monarch Bay facility is generally amongst the best. However, for some reason, it seemed like everything went wrong this trip. Either it was the ultimate fluke or they have major management issues.
We checked in and they had the rooms wrong. I went for my massage and they had it for the wrong time. Our room was so hot that it was stifling and we couldn’t cool it. They told me I had to use the TV for Internet access and they had an Ethernet connection in the room. The remote control needed batteries. 30 minutes before checking out, we called for the car. It wasn’t there and they said there was no record of us calling. You get the point. Our three rooms were to be on one check. They weren’t. You get the point.
But the topper was at the end of the evening. Allyn’s daughter Jessica was here too. Some guy walked right in to her room from the adjacent room because the door was not locked and there was not dead bolt. When she spoke to the manager, she was told that she should take it up with housekeeping in the morning.*&^% Oh well.
The reason we were in town was to start a gala week of festivities for Jessica’s 21st birthday. Stonehill Tavern in the hotel was our restaurant of choice for a quiet family meal.
It is a Michael Mina restaurant bearing his normal signatures such as great food, décor, service and many items that can be served three ways, which is always a fun way to go. Our server, Beth, was amazing. I strongly recommend it if you are in the area (even if you are not staying at the hotel).

Visit the hotel here and the restaurnat here

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