Grand Canaria, Canary Islands 2019

Although difficult to get to, we enjoyed Grand Canaria Island in The Canary Islands so much last year that we opted to return this year. 
Fun factoids:
*The Canaries name comes from dogs not the bird.
*The bird was named after the islands.
*The Canaries get 12 million visitors annually. Note that Hawaii is about 10 million.
We enjoyed our hotel,Seaside Grand Hotel Residencia, enough last year that we came back this year. 
It has an outdoor gym.
Maspalomas is one of the great beaches.
One dinner was at Rias Bajas. Great Food and service, but no view. Notice how the place is quite empty. That is because it was “only” 9:30 and Spaniards eat very late.
Allyn loves salt crusted sea bass.


Dinner the last night at La Aquarela was sensational. It recently receive a Michelin star. Although it is in the lower level of an apartment, the view, ambiance, food and service are top notch.We had seven courses and seven wine pairings. Wowsers.

In my experience, never have I been to a restaurant that has a purse stool for the ladies where the restaurant hasn’t been outstanding.

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