French Riviera, 2017


Today we finished cruise segment two in Monaco and started segment three. While passengers were leaving and arriving we chartered a car and driver/guide just to take in the beauty of the area and visit the famous Fragonard Parfumeur to learn about perfume making.

After learning that an ounce of perfume requires about 1,000 roses (for example), I better understand why it is so expensive. Much of the production is a distillation process similar to liquor and a blending process similar to wine done by a person called “le nez” (“the nose”). There are only about 50 nose experts in the world.


We took the scenic water route to Nice to start our day.  It is always fun to walk through their outdoor market.


Villefranche-sur-Mer, beauty, lies between Eze and Nice. 

Eze Villiage is a small medieval village perched high above the sea between Nice and Monaco. It is a long hike up but worth it when you reach the top.


Returning home on the upper cornice (high road) we had a photo-stop of the Monaco port with our ship.

I highly recommend our guide for today Mr. Georgi.Bagri ( A great guide really adds value to the day.

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