Sorrento, Italy 2017


Arriving by sea sets the stage for a great day in Sorrento. It is a great tourist city in the Southwestern Italian coast where the weather is wonderful, and it is within easy distance of the Amalfi coast cities, Naples and the Isle of Capri.

Although a free shuttle to the top was provided we took the stairs knowing we needed the steps and what was in store.

We did not feel any need to venture out of town today.

We had already decided to go local with pizza, tomato salad with arugula, and beer. After all we are just down the street from Naples (home of pizza), you cannot find better tomatoes anyplace and either local beer or wine generally hits the spot when traveling.  And Allyn bought a new hat made out of paper.

The squares are lovely, but their narrow shopping alleys are even more charming.


Even the local art is unique and interesting. That can’t possibly be that goof from North Korea, can it?

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