Genoa, Italy Ð 2017


Today’s stop was scheduled to be Portofino, an elegant Italian seaside port. The waves were too high though making the tender boats to shore unsafe.

Instead we went up the coast a bit to Genoa where we could dock at the port.

Many people consider Genoa a slum that used to be lovely 500 years ago. That is because the old town is a series of narrow dangerous alleys known as Caruggis. We wanted to take a nice walk though just because.


We actually did find our way all the way to the Piazza de Ferrari, the center of the upscale shopping area. What they didn’t tell us was that almost all stores were closed because this is the time of year when Genoans are on holiday.



Still, we stopped for lunch and, like the kids, took a silly selfie, (See top photo)



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