Enroute to Robinson Crusoe Island; Cruise Day 35

If the last segment was about being one with nature while freezing our butts off, this one is about relaxing in tropical paradise on the way to Sydney. The cruise line’s marketing experts call it “Easter Island and Polynesian Playgrounds.”
As with other Cruise Day 1s, today was about checking out the new people, and seeing if anybody was as “young” as us. There seem to be several. Allyn likes to busy herself with new people who look like they are lost, or need help navigating around the ship.
Allyn had a very busy day going to dance class, making a bracelet out of real volcanic rock, and working on her needlepoint. Of course, the obligatory teatime and trivial pursuit were included later.
I read.
I did learn from the chef that (allegedly) they have the best lobsters in the world at tomorrow’s island stop. They are picking up 200 of them for a special meal.  Yummy.
Again, the entertainment was outstanding. Tonight’s performance was by vocalist Jordan Bennett, who has starred in major musicals (playing Jean Valjean in Les Miserbles).
The 45 – 60 minute shows are perfect for me. Being able to walk in and out any time is perfect for me. The fact that some nights Allyn can be comfortable going without me, is also perfect for me.

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