Enroute to Petropavlovsk, Russia; Cruise Day 106

Back at sea today, we listened to an enjoyable group of sports broadcasting anecdotes by Verne Lundquist. He has been a regular play-by-play announcer for over 20 different sports, spanning over 35 years. If you have watched major sports on TV, you have probably seen and heard him.
Tonight was the final “dinner and a show” cabaret with (as usual) the debut for the World Cruisers. As usual, Allyn and I parked ourselves right in the front. Why not? They are the best seats and the price is free.
The lady was the worst entertainer in 106 days. She was so bad, I was laughing and getting dirty looks from Allyn. It took me three more songs (and her turning around) before Allyn would allow me to escape.
I don’t want to overanalyze things, but I wonder if:  the cruise line is cutting back, I am getting tired, it is an aberration, or maybe I am just in the minority.

Regardless, she was disgusting.

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