Hakodate, Japan; Cruise Day 105

It is so nice to be back with reliable Internet and telephone service on board. It has been a week now that it has been very intermittent, because the Japanese rules do not allow satellite reception.
As a society we have become totally dependant on technology. I really just felt unconnected. My Blackberry did work though, allowing me to stay in contact. I even wrote my blogs on the Blackberry, but that is a pain.
Today we visited our fifth Japanese city — Hakodate. We continue to head northeast. We have to set the clock back 3 hours over the next two days. That still will leave five other days where we lose an hour before arriving Vancouver. We are now paying the price for those extra hours we had earlier.
Hakodate is a pleasant city. We had an enjoyable walk around town, and particularly liked the local markets. The fish market is the most special. Like many of the locals, we took the opportunity to eat at one of their many restaurants there.
Regarding the eating of sashimi – We have noticed all over Japan that the custom is to tap the fish directly to the wasabi and then into the say sauce (instead of mixing the wasabi into it first).

Allyn looked good in the hat she bought in Tokyo.

I looked ridiculous in the thing she made me stick my head in.

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