Enroute to Hong Kong, China; Cruise Day 85

Today was “get ready for Hong Kong day.” That meant creating a plan to balance great sightseeing, great shopping and great eating.
This is one of my favorite cities in the world and I don’t want to waste one minute of it.  One reason I like Regent Cruise Lines is they give plenty of time in major ports, instead of just one-day at all stops. We will have three full days and nights in Hong Kong.
Today’s other activity was a Texas Hold’em tournament in the casino. They had a weird one on the first cruise where we played against the house. This was the real deal though. There were eight entries at $45 each. I came in fourth.
The lady next to me and her husband were fans. This was the first time since the first segment that somebody recognized me. She wanted a photo after breaking me. I obliged of course.

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