Hong Kong, China; Cruise Day 86

Hong Kong is one of the greatest cities in the world. I could easily live here. It is very modern and capitalistic, yet steeped in tradition at the same time.
I awoke at 6:00 a.m. to watch the arrival. It was still as exciting as the first time I visited.
We purposely planned to shop today and sight see tomorrow, hoping that we could maybe still get deluxe custom clothing made in a couple days at a reasonable price.

We exited the ship and immediately headed to Peter So – British Tailors, located in the Inter-Continental Hotel Shopping Arcade. This husband and wife team is so good and so relatively reasonable, that if you buy enough from them you can pay for your entire trip. We tried.
That was followed up with a wonderful Chinese lunch at The Inter–Continental, overlooking Hong Kong.

Dinner was a special event for the World Cruisers. Regent hosted us to a wonderful evening, with dinner and entertainment at The China Club. I was here several years ago and had to use all of my Las Vegas juice in advance to be able to even gain access.
Since we were at the end of a segment, it was time to weigh in again. Fortunately, I lost a pound and have kept my record in tact. I have lost weight on each of the five segments.

This segment will be tough, as Chinese food is my favorite, and I am having gourmet meals almost every night.

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