Enroute to Easter Island; Cruise Day 37

Today was a nice, lazy day. Because we are heading west, we started with an extra hour of sleep. This will be the trend for the next couple weeks, as sail across 10 time zones. We will pay for it in May, but that seems like forever from now.
We listened to two superb and entirely different presentations today. As part of his lecture, Jean-Michel Cousteau had a beautiful underwater documentary from Hawaii.

Then we heard Dr. Barbara Udell. Not coincidentally, we had dinner with her last night (as we had previously met her). She is a dynamo motivational speaker, who often addresses issues for people as they get older. She had some tips on memory improvement, but I can’t remember what they are.
Tonight we also had a delightful couple over for cocktails, and then dinner. I kind of freaked them out. Before dinner, I googled them. They were shocked at how much I knew about them. I didn’t even mention I knew the selling price of their recently sold home.

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