Enroute (still) to Easter Island; Cruise Day 38

We are really in the middle of nowhere. The GPS on the TV shows a blue dot (the ship) and no landmass anywhere whatsoever. We are day two (of three days) enroute from Robinson Crusoe Island to Easter Island, which is considered the most isolated inhabited island on earth.
Fun life continues onboard however. I think Allyn thinks she is at camp. She does everything.

Today she auditioned for the talent show. She not only sang a song, but saw fit to write one. It seemed like a few dozen people tried out, and six will be selected to perform as the entertainment one night. They haven’t announced the finalists, but she assumes that she will be one.
Dr. Barbara Udell gave another brilliant presentation today. This time it was about stress. If I can incorporate half of what she suggested, it will be worth way more than the cost of the trip.
Since we all know stress is bad, let me jump to some relief tricks when trying things happen.

Close your eyes for a few seconds, squeeze your fist and let go lightly, breathe in 10 times through the nose, exhale through the mouth, and lift (shrug) your shoulders.
She finished with BLM advice – Back off, Let go, and Move on.
I plan on starting tomorrow. Tonight I have to call my lawyer and start a lawsuit against a person who has been bugging me. But then I plan on letting it go. It’s just coincidental, but a hoot nevertheless.

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