3rd Day Enroute to Easter Island; Cruise Day 39

Today we learned tons about Easter Island (I can’t wait), and enjoyed a pool day.

A passenger challenged Allyn to a Scrabble match. She brought her own board and dictionary — a self-described top-notch player. After losing by 100 points, she gave Allyn attitude.

Allyn made the finals of the talent show. Six passengers perform Saturday night.
I am not a good enough writer to say this next part without sounding like a snob, but since it is critical to my experience here, I will run that risk herein.

Here ‘goes – A great butler is crucial to elevating the entire cruise experience. The ship’s head butler, Rahul, has returned from vacation. This has made an unbelievable difference. He is not only professional, but make us feel like nothing is a problem. He is also amazing at anticipating things to be done. This is the life.
I promise to be much more plebeian tomorrow.

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