Enroute to Dutch Harbor, Alaska; Cruise Day 110

We crossed the International Date Line today. So, today is May 16 for us, while you are May 15. Tomorrow is also May 16 for us.

Ironically, it is also the Captain’s birthday. Those two things were used as an excuse to have an  extra partying today (not that excuses were needed).
Verne Lundquist spoke again today. His stories are terrific even for those who don’t follow sports. He has broadcast 25 Masters and showed us a few clips, as well as explaining how the TV process works. They have over 400 employees working the broadcast. It is quite a coordination project, which requires fast decisions often.

Prior to dinner was the final special production for the World Cruisers, and it was, indeed, very special. Billed as a Pub night, it featured all of the entertainment staff in a perfect venue with marvelous costuming, singing and dancing.

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