Durban, South Africa 2019

We are in Durban, the third largest city in South Africa. It’s know for a cosmopolitan, multi-diverse society, and long elegant beaches with much surrounding beauty. It was a bit gray out today, but fun nevertheless.

Taking a helicopter to check things out, we were immediately impressed with the ocean, adjacent gold courses, and a world class soccer stadium built for the 2010 FIOFA World Cup.

Unfortunately it didn’t take long to see Durban poverty, witnessing a huge shanty town from above.

The scenery was beautiful and educational. In the sticks are many small clusters of small Zulu compounds. By law polygamy for them is allowed. 


We landed on a plateau overlooking the Valley of 1000 Hills and enjoyed a bit of a picnic.

In the afternoon we visited uShaka a full blown marine park. The shopping was really nice in that it was quite local looking, clean and with many interesting stores.

Leave it to Allyn to photo-bombed a class photo.

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