Addo Elephant Park

Addo Elephant Park is South Africa’s third largest. Although a diverse wildlife conservation park, it is know for its 600 elephants that roam it along with the rest of the Big Five and many other animals.


The combination of ivory hunters and farmers not liking elephants, left only 11 local elephants before the Addo Elephant National Park started in 1931 to provide them a sanctuary. 

Dung beetles are beetles that feed partly or exclusively on feces. A dung beetle can bury dung 250 times heavier than itself in one night. Many dung beetles, known as rollers, roll dung into round balls, which are used as a food source or breeding chambers. TMI?

The King was resting along side the road.
The female antelope had no antlers and the male does. They need to be careful because the antlers do not grow back if damaged.

There were lots of ugly warthogs out today.

This zebra popped out to take a peak at us. So pretty.

 At the end  some rain started coming down. Allyn was prepared as usual.

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