Coos Bay to Depoe Bay, OR (2021)

Our first stop was a delightful coffee break in Florence enjoying a pour over coffee and the peaceful view.

Last year in Florence we rode dune buggies which we highly recommend if you haven’t done it. We had a different afternoon plan this year- a visit to Sea Lion Caves, America’s largest sea cave.

Just going to the viewing platform was definitely worth the stop.

But then we walked back a ways and took a 300 foot elevator ride down to a dark cavern.


Depoe Bay is the whale watching capital of Oregon. A resident pod (“a number of animals grouped together”) of gray whales makes its home offshore from March through December. Here is a photo of their iconic Depoe Bay Bridge which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

It is quite cute and quaint and is home to the world’s smallest navigable harbor.

It is also known for salt water taffy.


We absolutely loved staying at the Channel House Hotel. We took off a day of sight seeing just to chill and enjoy our room.

The dinner at Restaurant Beck was as fabulous as the view. I had a delicious white king salmon which is actually moister and fattier than the red variety. I like that it does not have the strong fishy flavor.

We woke up to a rather snarly morning, actually the first rain day of our trip, and we have been on the road 28 days already. The Coast Guard was stationed right in front of the harbor (and our room) making sure that no fools were planning on venturing out to sea.

Tonight we ate again (we were here in Sep 2020) at Gracie’s Sea Hag known for their “World-Famous” clam chowder. It would be a C in Seattle, but it is good for these parts.

Why Depoe instead of Depot? Interesting factoid – In 1894, the U.S. government deeded land to a Siletz Indian known as Old Charlie Depot. Charlie had taken his name from the army depot where he worked. Old Charlie later changed his name to Depoe, and when a town was founded here in 1927, it took the name Depoe Bay.





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