Gold Beach, OR 2020

On the way to our final Oregon Coast stop we spent time in Florence to ride a Dune buggy and eat outside overlooking the water. How much fun is that? (The dune buggy part.) I was so glad that we decided to rent from James at ATV Rentals. The prices were competitive and on the sand we had both the best equipment and James personally showing us the ropes which made a big difference.
Our last two nights on the Oregon Coast were at Tu Tu Tun in Gold Beach, located on the bank of the Rogue River. It was our best hotel yet and best dinner of the trip yet by far. It is a destination place for ultimate chill.
They even had a miniature three hole pitch and putt “course” in front. The deer was so at home that I had to ask it to move when he blocked my short chip.
The highlight of this stop was the 64 mile round trip on the gorgeous Rogue River. We traveled with Jerry’s Rogue Jets. To this day they still deliver the US Mail 32 miles upstream (where we visited) via boat up the river on this very boat.
We even saw a bald eagle. I still can’t get over the camera quality of my iphone. The bird was so far away I couldn’t hardly see it, yet here it is after significant enlargement.
Every so often the driver would purposely get all of us drenched. Absolutely everybody thought it was a hoot…. except me 

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