Cairns, Australia; Cruise Day 63

I know that not every day can be wonderful, but we sure are having a marvelous streak on this trip.
Our stop today was at Cairns, which is known as a jumping off spot for the Great Barrier Reef. We used it for going up the mountain to the rainforest, and enjoyed what it had to offer via several methods.

We took a coach, sightseeing to catch a train, which went up to the top through lovely, peaceful territory.

Then we hopped on an old Army Duck. The only way to describe this experience is to analogize it to Disneyland, but in the real jungle.

After a rest back at the ship, it was out again for dinner. Cairns has a famous strip called The Esplanade, with wall to wall restaurants. We had fun pizza at the Rattle N Hum.

The picture of our ship is not the best, but does give a feel for its size.

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