Enroute to Cairns, Australia; Cruise Day 62

Today’s plan was simple: give the brain a rest, and just chill. This meant working out in the morning, and relaxing by the pool in the afternoon. I wasn’t even going to attend any lectures.
In the evening, we heard a wonderful pianist in a before-dinner show, and a violinist as after-dinner entertainment.
The problem was reading The Wall Street Journal, and then following up online. What a difference a week or two makes.

Before, every article preached gloom and doom. Now, I am detecting fear, that just maybe, the market has bottomed out. Should investors jump in, or risk missing the “great opportunity” that lies in front of them?
Just for fun, I researched many legitimate publications. I am seeing the same kinds of articles. The only thing different than before is the tone. They all seem to say that now is probably the time – or maybe not. Thanks.
If you are looking for some advice, or at least a barometer, you may have come to the right place. I don’t have an informed opinion, but I will tell you where I stand.
I am fully invested in CDs. I have not one dollar in the market. I plan to keep it that way. My stock market investment history is dismal. Smart money would bet against me.

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