Boca de Valeria, Brazil



Today was spent at one of many small Amazon communities, Boca de Valeria. The 75 local inhabitants are brown-skinned very nice looking descendants of Portuguese sailors who married local Indians. They fish and farm as they have done for generations.






Now, though, they also have tourism. They sell crafts, open their homes and take people like us for boat rides when cruise ships stop there a few times annually.




Like yesterday, it was totally serene in the water. Unlike yesterday there is no big city 30 minutes across the river.



We had an opportunity to see the Amazon River Pink Dolphin. This fresh-water mammal is a distant relative to the salt-water dolphin. They have no natural enemies; yet they are becoming extinct because of human issues such as mercury that is thrown off from gold mining and getting caught in fishing nets.

Fun Factoid – As this dolphin gets older it gets pinker, because its skin gets thinner and it is the blood color that is in view.


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