Bay of Islands, New Zealand 2020

Today was our first of eight New Zealand stops on our cruise. Our port was Waitangi in the Bay of Islands which is the far north. It remains quite pristine.

Pulling away from our ship and just looking out the bay was extra magnificent because of the clouds. We started with overcast and a tiny drizzle that soon gave way to sun and a spectacular sky that magnified the pretty water. 
The islands were beautiful; each seemingly with its own unique vegetation.
We only saw a few boats. This one was a beauty.
In the middle of all this loveliness is their iconic Hole in the Rock. It is world famous and quite a sight.
Allyn thinks it’s funny to capture me napping. Sometimes I get tired watching all of the beauty.
People ask why we would revisit a place where we have been. One of the reasons is we do different things. In 2009 we actually took an exhilarating speed boat ride in this general area, but the experience was totally different.
Speaking of exhilarating, last year we took a V8 Trike tour and it was fast, scary, and very fun. They are powered by big Chevy V8 engines.


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