Our World Cruise and Coronavirus Impact

Friends and family are writing about what is happening to our world cruise due to coronavirus.

Everybody here is fine, but changes are happening all over the world. For starters, we are in the South Pacific and certainly not close to China, nor were we scheduled to be. 

Our ship, and the entire cruise industry, has instituted several policies:

Absolutely nobody can board if they have a Chinese, Macau, or Hong Kong passport.

 Absolutely nobody can board if they have been to China in the last 14 days.

No visitors are allowed on board.

Serious screening is being done to all boarding passengers and nobody with 100.4 fever or more gets on.

Extra special cleaning protocols are taking place all over the ship.

 All port, land and tour operators must sanitize all terminal areas as well as  vehicles transporting our guests.

We are on the Crystal Serenity and its sister ship, Crystal Symphony, was scheduled to go to Hong Kong and cancelled of course. Both Taipei and Manila would not allow them access. Singapore is their  new transfer point.

We were scheduled to visit Tonga today, here in the middle of the South Pacific, but they refused entry to all four cruise ships. Ridiculous in my opinion, but certainly no big deal from a tourist standpoint. It shows international uncertainty and panic though.

I feel safer onboard the ship than probably most other places.

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