Babalu, Seattle’s Best Bar

I haven’t been to every bar in Seattle, but I can’t imagine any that are superior to Babalu, located in the Wallingford district. The vibe is great, both literally and figuratively.

Owner Michael Prineas’ (pictured above) relatively small room is jammed nightly Tuesday thru Sunday. The crowd is a total melting pot of races and ages. I understand that by midnight the crowd tends to get a bit younger, but I am asleep by then.

Every night a different music type is performed. One night is Latin, then Mambo and then Soul. Michael provides something for everybody, and they all like it all.

Tonight was Mycle Wastman, a native Seattleite. Mycle will be leaving shortly to play in Europe. I am predicting here and now that he will make it big. You heard it here first.

I must say though, the highlight of the evening for me was meeting George Fleming. Clearly I am dating myself, but for those who don’t know the name, he was a star football player for the Washington Huskies and was MVP of the 1960 Rose Bowl (standing between me and my friend Mike Silver) .

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