I love Thanksgiving. Why? I love eating and look forward to the gathering of friends and family.

About 90% of my Thanksgiving dinners have been at a private residence, and maybe 10% out at a restaurant.

The obvious plus of a home meal is that it is more intimate, easier to sit around and chat, and just seems like the right thing to do.

On the other hand, eating out is supposed to take the hassle away. Generally I find the food not on par with home let alone even the norm at the restaurant. Indeed often reservations are late and service marginal.

We did something different this year which combined the best of both worlds. We really wanted to entertain at home but so often that means that Allyn doesn’t get to be part of the party. The solution: We had a great meal at home, YET we had it catered from How cool that was. The food and service was superb, AND we got to enjoy our own function.


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