Auckland, NZ; Cruise Day 54

What an enjoyable day we had today.
We spent the morning at Kelly Tarlton’s Antarctic Adventure. I had been there previously and had “guaranteed” Allyn that it would be one of the trip highlights. It was.

Then we had lunch at the Sky Tower. It is the tallest structure in the Southern Hemisphere, 328 meters.  It has one of those revolving restaurants at the top, where you can enjoy the entire panorama in an hour. It was beautiful. Surprisingly, the food was outstanding also.

I fouled up when I made the reservation a couple days ago, thinking it was Friday, when it is actually Saturday. I forgot to take the International Date Line into consideration. Fortunately they were able to accommodate us.
We used the afternoon as a joint opportunity to wander the city centre area and load up on supplies. This included bags of Starbucks beans among other things. We were beat when we arrived back to the ship after walking all afternoon.
Tonight was a special event for the World Cruisers. We had dinner at The Northern Club. It’s one of those haughty old gentlemen’s clubs that started taking women in the 90s. Before the dessert course, we had to listen to a 20 minute yawner about their history.
At least we had fun with our tablemates.

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