Asia Cruise 2015


After seven straight years of taking three-month world cruises we passed this January, and have really missed our friends, travel and the marvelous Crystal Cruise Lines total experience.

So we are ecstatic to be in transit on our way to a five-week Asia cruise on the Crystal Symphony.

As big a hassle as last week was just getting from LAX to Las Vegas, yesterday was a snap.

Thanks to the benefit of airline alliances, United was happy to check our bags all the way to Singapore even though our ticket was just an afternoon flight to San Francisco and an entirely booking was San Francisco to Singapore on Singapore airlines nine hours later.

When we checked in at Singapore Air they told us they knew our bags were on the way and they were on the lookout for them. That’s the way things ought to operate.

Our friends Terri and Jacob Levy picked us up and took us out to an amazing meal at Bentley’s in Silicon Valley. I was looking around for the big time tech guys as this is where they hang. I didn’t see any that I recognized but then I don’t know what any of them look like.

Terri is scary. I only see her every few years and she acts, talks and LOOKS exactly like she did 40 years ago when we first met. The only thing that has changed is that now the car seats are occupied by the grandkids instead of the kids. 



The Singapore Air seat is the most ample we have even flown in. (This is the smart way to spend air miles). Symbolic of their service is that they clean the first class lavatory after every use. They even opened the door for me when I went. It may be a good thing that there was only room for one of us in there.


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