2022 Summer Road Trip

Hi again. It’s time to hit the road again. We have enjoyed visiting the US and Canada so much in the last couple of years that we are doing it again this summer.

Like last year we have the privilege to travel via class A motorcoach for a month stopping at 15 RV Parks for two nights each plus 2 additional cities and hotels on each end of the trip. All in all, it will cover 11 states and 1 province and allow us to visit each of the great lakes during our 35-day trip.

 Stay tuned as we enjoy our adventure together.

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  1. Fran says:

    Sounds wonderful. I just returned from Cleveland and I wonder why I left. Oh…that’s right..the winters are terrible but the fall, Spring and Summer are beyond lovely.

  2. Diane Braunfeld says:

    Lived in Milwaukee during law school – 3 blocks from Lake Michigan- best city ever!

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