Amazing Las Vegas Weekend (2022)

 Allyn Shulman, Guest Blogger

My beautiful daughter Jess came to visit from LA so we started out with a tough work out at OrangeTheory, where she used to coach.  It does my heart good to see how everyone loves her!   

Next, I treated my BFF Janet, my daughter and her BFF to Lady Gaga;  our front row seats were awesome. The show was meaningful and exhilarating!

Both before and after the show we dined at the NoMad Bar with amazing food!  Before the show we mostly wanted a drink and a snack.  We had intel that Lady Gaga sometimes entertains and occasionally stands on the piano there, so just in case, we couldn’t miss it.  No luck but what a great time.

Since I had my daughter for one more night and she is so close to my daughter in law, the three of us decided we needed to try the famous Nu-Sret.  Their renowned rib cap for three is $450; pass.  However I do have to admit that the overpriced steak carpaccio was the best any of us had EVER tasted!  I’m not sure I need to go back.  However, before we left, our waiter did persuade my daughter to give him her phone number, so who knows???

The following day, our beloved cruise friends Howard and Rene came to visit from San Francisco.

Since we had never been to Circa Resort and Casino downtown, we decided to pop in and check it out.  The Sportsbook and the Stadium swim were quite remarkable!  Our dinner was not.   

 The city has done a great job making the Fremont Street Experience a must-see place to visit.

We would be remiss if we failed to take all our friends to our favorite local venue, Pieros.  Founded by Freddie Glusman in 1982 and run by his son Evan, this Vegas icon is filled with memories, famous folk, TVs everywhere, huge pours, veal parm with eggplant parm on top, our favorite waiter Timmy, the best Osso Bucco around and the manager Pat who might be 80 but she knows exactly what is going on all the time!     As soon as the friends left, it was time for my Women’s Philanthropy (Lion of Judah) dinner.

It also happened to be Holocaust Memorial 7 candles, 6 for the six million Jews murdered during the Holocaust and one for the 5 million others who perished at the Nazi’s hands.

The program speaker was Harvard educated Sarah Hurwitz, former speechwriter for Hillary Clinton and both of the Obamas.  After her impressive stint at the White House, she wrote a book about Finding Meaning, Spirituality, and a Deeper Connection to Life through Judaism.   What a warm, sweet, inspiring woman and another great program presented by Jewish Nevada!

Whether visiting or living here, Vegas is amazing!

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  1. Reyna Gustav says:

    Vegas us AMAZING and so are you Allyn!!

    • Karen Vonier says:

      Loved loved loved reading this blog!
      This “guest” writer is good! ❤️🎉

  2. hal wilner says:

    Wonderful blog and pics
    Thanks and welcome me hack

  3. Cheryl says:

    What a wonderful, wonderful weekend! Another Lady Gaga show!!! Good friends, wonderful food, and best of all, Jess!

  4. Leon Pütz says:

    What a wonderful experience. Your daughter is your look alike. Two beautiful ladies. Wish we had been there. A big kiss from the Netherlands.

  5. Colleen says:

    I love reading your blogs, I have been fortunate enough to have a night out on the town with you and I know how wonderfully you entertain your guests. What an amazing opportunity to treat your daughter and your best friend to Lady Gaga. Your woman Jewish Philanthropy group is eye opening for me, thank you for including these events.

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