Warnemunde, Germany 2019

Warnemunde is a great seaside port, often ignored.  Many cruises stop here and advertise the port as Berlin. Granted Berlin is actually a great an important city, but three hours away. Since we have been there more than once, we opted to just walk around the port.
It was such a pleasant surprise. Every cruise we take seems to have a wonderful stop some place where we would never have chosen on our own. Warnemunde seems to be loaded with locals and many German tourists.
One place is cuter than the next. 
Then just a few blocks away, along the water, the hustle bustle stops and there is a wide open promenade with the ocean on one side and immaculate white homes with red roofs on the other. 
As is usual in Germany, they have both FKK (nudist) and textile (non-nudist) beaches along the way. 
I just wanted a german sausage for lunch. Who knew it would be two feet long.

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