Villa Aminta at Stresa, Italy at Lake Maggiore

I don’t know how many hotels I have stayed at during my life, but it’s a bunch. This morning we figured out that during our entire Zermatt stay, our room was never locked while we were inside of it. The only way to lock the door from the inside was manually with the key. There was no double lock. Who knew?
Then once it was locked, it couldn’t be unlocked or opened without a key. The fire marshal would have a blast with that in the states.
Then it was an early but enjoyable morning, touring several areas on our way to the Italian Lakes Region (that I have heard so much about, but never have visited). We will be here for four days, three nights in two hotels.

While traveling through Simplon Pass, we passed the Ganter Bridge, which is Switzerland’s longest spanning bridge.
Our elegant hotel used to be a private residence. The weather is perfect. We had a perfect dinner with some recently made friends from the tour right at the hotel overlooking Lake Maggiore.

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