Lake Maggiore

The Alps are gorgeous, but I admit I am kind of a warm weather / water fan. Therefore, it was fun tooting around this morning on Lake Maggiore (Italy’s second largest lake), looking at all the scenic beauty, as well as the lovely villas which line the hills overlooking the lake.

We spent time at the Borromean Palace and Gardens, which are on an island on the lake. We stayed for a great Italian lunch. Italian food is my favorite, although I have been trying to force myself to stay away from pasta lately.

After lunch, we headed back to Stresa, boarded the coach, and drove to Bellagio on Lake Como. Now I’ve been to both Bellagios. More on that tomorrow.

JetSetWay Factoid – While touring the Borromean Palace today I learned that Rubens was ambidextrous and painted with both hands simultaneously. At least that is what the guide said.

The Sleeping Venus sculpture was quite slick. It was created by an artist named Gaetano Monti.

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