Travel Downsides

Jet Set Way readers know that I love traveling, especially on high-end cruise ships where I can settle in for months at a time, seeing the world on my terms and schedule.
Often, to visit unique sights (such as those this past week) luxury must take a back seat. That’s just the way it goes.
Speaking of going, in this part of the world, the “Eastern” toilet is the norm. Don’t forget to bring your own toilet paper.
In Guilin, we stayed in a brand new, beautiful Shangri-La Hotel.  They were so nice, and try very hard to accommodate Westerners. But, some things are still lacking.
When I checked in and wanted to change money, they would not accept my $100 bill because it was “not brand new.”
Like in other hotels, the room had a small typical safe. The difference? This safe was just sitting there, easy to pick up and cart away.
In Yangshuo, we stayed at the best hotel (allegedly a 5-Star), but it was FREEZING.

The heat runs from 6PM only, after which it still takes a while. The restaurant was so cold the servers were wearing heavy coats.
I’m excited to board The Voyager this afternoon, our home for the next two months.
Weight bet, Las Vegas style – Congratulations to my wife, Allyn, and my attorney, Deanna Forbush, who bet each other $5,000 that they would lose 10% of their body weight over a three month period.  They both won. No money changed hands. Weight bets are the only type of bet I know where all parties are rooting for the opponent to win also.

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