Tokyo, Japan; Cruise Day 102

By Allyn the Guest Blogger, on Barry’s Birthday.

Tucked away in a hidden corner of Tokyo, near the city’s famous Ginza district, Tsukiji Jisaku has enjoyed fame as a fabulous restaurant since 1931.

It was a perfect spot to enjoy Barry’s birthday. When we arrived, we were greeted by many lovely ladies asking if we were the Shulmans. They bowed, smiled, invited us in, and escorted us to our own dining room. We entered without shoes and sat near the ground overlooking a breathtakingly beautiful garden.

Every course was different than the next. We call it a tasting menu; they call it “Kaiseki”, meaning set course.

We enjoyed sashimi, Japanese Sea Perch,  fried “robster” (which we thought was probably lobster and fabulous). There was rock fish, fried Tofu and eel, Iwate Marble Beef with Senshu eggplant, rice salad and so much more.

It was gourmet, lovely, delicious, peaceful, and great fun.

Prior to dinner, a cultural expert, Terry Breen, advised us NOT to ask for soy sauce with our rice, as this is an insult here. Well, being that it WAS Barry’s birthday, I humiliated myself and asked for the soy while Barry rolled his eyes.

No sooner did the soy appear when Barry reached for it, and I said NO WAY, baby!!!  Remembering it WAS his birthday, I smiled as I passed it.

When we arrived back to the ship, our cabin was filled with Birthday greetings, wine and cake. What a life!!

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