Tia’s Hope

Charity poker tournaments are the best. It is all about having fun and splashing around lots of dollars that go to a good cause.

Recently we played in one for Tia’s Hope, a memorial to Tia Palmero. She must have been one great woman. Her husband, Jess (above) is a pal. Joining him were two of their four daughters (the two over 21 who were allowed) who tragically were left behind after her 11 year bout with cancer. They are all very special.

Unfortunately she was put in a position of spending significant hospital time and met way too many really sick children. Tia’s Hope gives gifts to children at City of Hope during the holidays as well as helping in the search for the cure for lymphoma.

Allyn and I went with a $1,000 plan in mind. That was gone in fifteen minutes. We had a great time playing every hand along with the rest of them who did not know any better. $3,000 later we left feeling great about our day, having met some wonderful people and giving to a wonderful cause.

Charity events have become very popular. They are way more fun and successful than paying $500, getting dressed up, eating a rubber chicken, and making small talk.

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