Mother’s Day, 2014

Las Vegas circa 1966.

It is not true that Hallmark invented Mothers Day (but they sure market the sh_t out of it.)

Anna Jarvis took credit and many people gave her credit since 1907 when she commemorated her mother Ann.

The Eagles (Fraternal Order of, neither the band or the team) set something up in 1904, the anti-drinking group (boo) tried joining with mothers in the late 1800s, and Ann Jarvis herself set up Mother’s Friendship Day in 1868 for torn Civil War families to reunite.

Besides Hallmark cards, 60% of all people in the US will eat out today, flower sales will exceed $2B, and jewelry $4B. Consumer electronics will jump 44% in sales this year to surpass flowers – a clear sign of the times.

We love our mothers. Treat yours right while you have the chance. I miss mine. 

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