The Turquoise Trail

You can drive from Santa Fe to Albuquerque in about an hour on I-25 or take NM 14 and do it in an hour and a half. However, nobody does the NM 14 drive in just 90 minutes, because that is The Turquoise Trail, a National Scenic Byway. Put this on your bucket list for unique experiences.

We have seen countless pretty views lately, but what makes this trip so amazing are the totally unique places along the road.

In Golden, it seems like they try to have the most run-down places.

Just down the road is this place.

I mean, can you imagine this place called Kickin Ass Ranch. It must be fun to laugh at the world.

The quirkiest museum we have ever seen is Tinkertown.

The “building” itself has 22 meandering rooms put together by more than 50,000 glass bottles comingled with cement to form the exterior walls.

Inside the rooms are jammed with folk art and other pieces either carved or collected by the museum’s late founder, Ross Ward over a 40-year period. Most of the displays have movement.  He has been quoted as saying that he did all this “while others were watching television”.

The major city along the route is Madrid, a 150-person village. It went from thriving mining town to ghost town to a funky destination for artists and hippies. Chain businesses (i.e. MacDonald’s) are not allowed here.

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