The RoyÕs Waikiki Faux Pas


The background – Everybody knows that for great food, especially sushi and seafood, Roy’s is a must. Almost immediately upon arriving at our hotel I arranged with the concierge for two weeks of preplanned dinner reservations.


Although I planned on 7:00 PM for Roy’s, they only had availability at 7:45. No biggie at all; except I did not do my normal double check and we showed up at 7:00.


They said I was early; I said I thought they were wrong etc and the hostess said just wait a couple minutes and they would seat us right away. Very cool.


Then, out of curiosity, I looked up the original email and noticed the error was mine.


The drama – Against the counsel of my wife (also my attorney), I immediately go to the front desk and tell them I was 100% wrong, they were right and they should know that. However, of course, do not use that against me. She totally agreed, but violated her commitment, and then admitted it. That made me both sad and feel foolish. Worse yet, I had to listen to a short lecture from you know who.


The conclusion – Immediately I sought out the manager, who totally and genuinely agreed with me, also immediately gave us a prime window table, and bought our first round of drinks. We were hovered over all night and dinner was perfect.

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