Cuba is the hot location. I haven’t been there yet, but feel a travel blog is lacking something with no mention of it.

My good friend Randi Simenhoff is not only an ultimate Cuba guru, but now she regularly is escorting people and groups there with customized itineraries.

Most readers of this blog know that often I cover Jewish sights. I was so naïve about Cuba that I didn’t even know they have a Jewish community there. It turns out they have been there for centuries, but most left during the Revolution. There still are about 1,500 Jewish Cuban residents, mostly in Havana.  Randi is very close to many of them, as she started going there on missions to help those folks.

Check out this great article covering their major attractions. If you are interested in going there, give her a call.  Mention my name please. I’m not sure what it will get you, but it can’t hurt.




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