The Crystal Serenity – Our Cabin


Thus far we have been totally delighted with The Crystal Serenity. She is a real beauty. I will show common area photos another time.

 Our cabin feels more like a deluxe one bedroom apartment than a ship cabin.

This ship always was gorgeous, but in May they went through a $25,000,000 refurbishing and it feels like new.

 We even have our own router in the cabin to assure that we get the best computer signal possible.

They treat us so well here. We have people over for cocktails often and unlike Regent (our previous favorite), there is never a problem if we want to serve caviar, lobster or virtually anything that is on the ship.

We even get free deluxe wine daily (up to $250).

My printer had a busted part from our journey. They went out and bought an identical model for me and just asked that I leave it when I disembark.

 Staying in the Crystal Penthouse is somewhat analogous to a Las Vegas “Whale” who gets everything for free as long as he gambles enough.



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